Training and Seminars

“As a direct result of your training, our sales doubled within six months”

Sandra Kastrul, CEO – I.C. Stars

Each seminar, webinar and training session gives participants and attendees a significant, advanced, in-depth, high-quality learning experience with practical take-home value.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TRAINING — The learnable skills of emotional intelligence are central to personal and professional success. We deliver programs that integrate solid business logic with latest neuroscience so your people become better leaders, build a stronger workplace, accelerate positive change, strengthen customer loyalty and increase performance by developing solid, collaborative teams. Emotional Intelligence is a critical ingredient for success. We get people engaged head, heart, and hands.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION — A common issue facing many leaders is workplace conflict. This is a time-consuming and costly problem that can have a severe impact on productivity and the bottom line. Many top leaders struggle with confronting issues that arise from employee relationships as the result of clashing personalities, miscommunication, perceived backbiting, negative politics or a perception of hidden agendas. These issues can result in behaviors such as gossip, avoidance, verbal abuse, passive/aggressive communication, and hostility. This can in turn lead to a lack of productivity, a focus on problems rather than solutions, and a decrease in creativity and innovation.  Nicole will show you how to prevent these issues and resolve them once they take hold.

PEER TO PEER ACCOUNTABILITY — An essential component of empowerment-based management models, peer to peer-to-peer accountability is the willingness of team members to call their peers out on performance or behaviors that might hurt the overall team, enhancing peer interaction and problem solving. Members of great teams overcome the discomfort of having difficult conversations with each other. Peer pressure, as politically incorrect as it might sound, is the most effective and efficient means of accountability. Sometimes dominant leaders naturally create an “accountability vacuum” within the team, leaving themselves as the only source of discipline. This makes for long lines outside the boss’s office and keeps members from accomplishing important tasks. Learn how to incorporate this model into your existing infrastructure.

SALES RESCUE — Sales training made simple and extremely effective. Your sales force will come away with a new perspective on how to gain the loyalty of their clients, sell more products and services and have fun while doing it. You will learn how to: sell with authenticity and truly connect with your clients, let go of antiquated sales pitches of the past, customize your sales detail and discussions to meet the specific needs of your target audience, rekindle your passion for your product or service, and double your productivity.

TALENT ACQUISITION, RETENTION, AND DEVELOPMENT — This module introduces several principles and action plans that attract, retain and develop quality employees for your organization. Creating a culture where talented individuals can flourish and grow is a key element for any company that wants longevity and make an positive impact in the marketplace. We will cover how to create a desirable culture (by drawing upon the fundamental characteristics that successful companies like Google have already implemented), how to foster open communication among workers and management, and how to  encourage continuous improvement.

OPTIMAL FITNESS:  HOW TO GET YOUR WORKFORCE FROM FLAB TO FAB IN 40 DAYS — It’s a matter of fat. The truth of the matter is the solution, to the complex problem of obesity and poor health in America, is simple. The proper diet and exercise program applied consistently will yield significant results. The emotional barriers to follow through with this simple plan are what stands in the way of true physical transformation. Nicole will discuss her own transformation from average to fitness competitor and share all the secrets to obtaining your ultimate body and optimal fitness in 40 days. This program will save the organization or individual substantial health related expenses and enhance lives like no other program can.

RESUME BOOTCAMP — An overview of the elements needed to produce a professional resume including purpose of the resume, reasons for using different resume formats, and basic resume strategy and structure needed to create information categories and flow that align with the perspective of hiring managers. We take a focused look into presenting your professional experience by separating responsibilities (job description) from accomplishments (value add). We demonstrate how preparing a powerful targeted resume will enhance your interview performance.

SEARCH STRATEGY & NETWORKING — Learn the power of leveraging a personalized Job Search Action Plan to target best-fit opportunities. Distinguish between proactive and reactive search strategies along with the networking essentials of developing and approaching contacts and conducting Informational Meetings. Up to 75% of Right Management’s candidates find their next job through the networking process.

JOB SEARCH CORRESPONDENCE (US) — In this session we provide guidance on all key job search correspondence, as well as tips on formatting and proofreading in the electronic and social media age. The three key segments will help you create cover letters that resonate with employers, write networking outreach to contacts that solicit responses, and correspond with interviewers in a way that will have them calling back. Join us to learn how to enhance your overall brand with effective job search correspondence.

INTERVIEWING STRATEGIES — Learn all aspects of the interview process including how to prepare for an interview, how best to sell yourself during the interview, and what follow up steps should be taken post interview. Discuss the different types of interviews and how generational differences may influence interviewers. Learn what interviewers look for in determining a match to their needs, how to anticipate and handle difficult questions and what types of questions they should pose to interviewers.

NEGOTIATING STRATEGIES — Explore the various techniques for effectively negotiating offers and achieving a mutually beneficial agreement with a potential employer. Learn how to prepare for negotiating, how and when to handle the salary question, the components of an employment offer and how to thoughtfully evaluate what to negotiate. Learn how to establish your current market value and how to negotiate the best offer while establishing a win-win relationship with the new employer.

ADVANCED LINKEDIN — Have you been using LinkedIn to build a network and share your brand but wonder how to take it to the next level? In this fast-paced, 2-hour webinar, we’ll go on a best practices tour, live in LinkedIn, to show you how to optimize your profile to be found, cultivate your network, and do in-depth research on industries, companies and people.

AGE 50+ JOB SEARCH — Concerned that your age may limit success in finding the job you want? Discuss tools, tips and techniques for making your age an ally, and teach you how to position yourself with future employers as a value-added addition to their organizations. Facilitators help drive the exchange of meaningful information with others who are seasoned veterans just like you.

CAREER CHANGE STRATEGIES — Identify the basics for solid decision making about whether a career change is viable for you, steps to take to change careers, and resources available to assist you in pursuing a career change.

SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING: AN INTRODUCTION — Join us for an introduction on Social Media and the positive impact it can have as part of your overall campaign strategy. Learn how to leverage the power of social media networking using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter in an effective job search. Understand how employers and recruiters use these online communities to search and fill their needs. We will also discuss building your personal brand and creating an online presence while protecting your privacy and managing your online reputation.

STARTING A CONSULTING BUSINESS — Are you considering marketing yourself to businesses as a subject expert Consultant? In the new age of free agents, freelancers, contractors and consultants, let us assist you in preparing for this new world of work. In this session, learn the difference between consulting and contracting, setting up the proper legal structure, the importance of a business plan, how to effectively market your business, and how to set your pricing and fees.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – IS IT FOR YOU? — When making changes in your career, there are many factors to consider when contemplating starting your own business. A key starting point is understanding the financial impact of having your own business on your current life and future plans. Topics pertinent to the decision to “be your own boss” will be explored.

STARTUP COMPANION — Do you need the help of a seasoned business partner but don’t want the entanglements or complications of committing to a business partnership? If so, you need a Startup Companion – an experienced business partner for hire, a coach who will provide the business guidance and advice you need to get your business up and running.

RATRACE RX — For those individuals who want or need to get out of the modern day rat race, a change in careers, location, schooling or lifestyle may be the answer. With some careful planning and lots of self-examination, together we can determine the right path for you.

How to begin & pricing:

Email Nicole Heinrich at with the subject line We need Training & Seminars, and we will arrange a phone call to review your objectives and determine the right program for your specific needs.


Health and Wellness Coaching & Training

“We set a high priority on reducing healthcare costs within our organization and hired Nicole to help us speak with our workforce about fitness and nutrition. She was so entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. Everyone talked about her speech for days. Her background as a fitness competitor and extreme level of obvious physical fitness commanded instant credibility. I’m happy to say our workforce is much healthier and more fit and our medical expenses have lowered considerably.”

Craig Lucius, Employee Benefits Director – RR Donnelley

We help employers contain healthcare costs by improving employee health. Healthier employees are happier employees, and cost you less in insurance claims. Full Circle Corporate Health & Wellness programs give your employees the tools, guidance and resources to address health risks and lead a healthy lifestyle.

How it works:

Nicole will discuss your health & wellness objectives with you and arrange a time to deliver a motivational seminar to your workforce that is filled with specific action steps and nutritional advice that she herself followed and perfected to transform herself from average to fitness competitor. The principles she will share work for everyone regardless of age, background, disabilities or dietary restrictions. Nicole has delivered this seminar to diverse audiences all across the country. The results are fast and profound.

You will learn how to:

You will gain:

How to begin & pricing:

Email Nicole Heinrich at with the subject line We need A Corporate Health & Wellness Coach, and we will arrange a phone call to review your objectives and determine the right program for your specific needs.


Individual Fitness Training

“Nicole helped me get into the best shape of my life in only 4 months.”

Cindy Lu, Catering Director – Navy Pier Chicago

Our coaching program is designed to empower you with the focus, training and accountability you need to achieve maximum fitness, health and wellness. If you are ready to transform your body and your mind, you’ve come to the right place.

How it works:

Nicole will discuss your fitness goals with you and start you on a customized program of exercise and nutrition that will bring the results you desire within a certain time frame. She will keep you accountable by one of two coaching methods. One-on-one personal training sessions (2 to 3 times per week) or working remotely with you via e-mail, Skype or phone. Coaching by phone entails e-mailing you your program and then checking in on your progress by phone once a week for one hour.

You will learn how to:

You will gain:

How to begin & pricing:

Email Nicole Heinrich at with the subject line I need an Individual Health & Wellness Coachand we will arrange a phone call to review your objectives and determine the right program for your specific needs.