Career Coaching

“I was stuck in a job I hated but couldn’t leave because I wanted the paycheck. After getting laid off after 18 years of service, I  sought career coaching from Nicole. I am now in a new industry and I love every day. I can’t believe I get paid to do my current work. Coaching was the best thing I ever did.”

Mary Turner, Chicago, IL. – Software Consultant

No matter where you are in your search for a new position, Nicole will help you get clear goals and milestones so you can monitor your progression along a more personalized job search path. She’ll get you off to a strong start with a series of activities that will help you rediscover your core strengths, values and drivers. She will prepare you to build a winning resume, bio or profile. Whether you already have a resume or need to create one from scratch, she has the skill and knowledge to help you start developing your unique personal brand and create a killer resume that will get noticed by the right people.

How it works:

Nicole’s approach is designed to help you identify, secure, and manage your ideal career in 5 distinct phases.

After your initial discovery session, you will receive an action plan and have ongoing, weekly communications with Nicole, You and Nicole will be together on the telephone once every week, in 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions specifically tailored to your precise needs and outcomes. Nicole will be available via e-mail 7 days a week to answer any questions that may arise. You can always arrange additional weekly phone sessions with Nicole during your transition.

Discovery Phase – This initial phase uncovers key elements that will set you on a path to success in finding your ideal career. In this phase you will understand your strengths and interests, key motivators, career objective, begin building your personal brand, know your personal and professional purpose, identify your ideal work environment, salary & benefits, uncover the blocks that are holding you back, and prepare to present yourself to the market.

Market Research Phase – After identifying your marketable qualities and career objectives in the Discovery phase, this phase takes you directly into the process of the short and long term action steps needed to make your career a reality. It includes updating your resume, building new credentials and experience, understanding which career possibilities will work best for you, including entrepreneurship, and exploring where your talents and goals intersect with the realities of the constantly changing job market. This is where we develop an effective strategy for translating your career and job search goals into real opportunities.

Pinpoint the Position Phase –  This phase takes you directly to identifying and applying for positions that interest you, whether the opportunities are formally posted and advertised or are part of the hidden job market that you navigate through networking. Here we will learn about social media and networking best practices for maximum exposure.

Interview and Negotiate Phase – Bring successful closure to your transition by learning to interview effectively, evaluate job offers, and negotiate skillfully, so that you can receive and accept an offer that closely matches your ideal criteria.

Career Management Phase – As you land a new role and begin the next phase of your career, you can employ many of the techniques used in your career transition to remain positive and achieve your desired career goals in the future.

Also included is writing effective job search correspondence, such as cover letters, emails, networking communications or thank you letters. This allows you to make a positive connection and influence how employers view you. Learn how to structure communications that stimulate interest, highlight your compatibility for the job, and set you apart.

You will learn how to:

  • Find work you are passionate about far quicker than the industry standard of four-six months
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed by the job search process
  • Learn advanced LinkedIn and job search techniques that work
  • Simplify your career transition and experience less stress
  • Create a Killer Resume that will get you noticed
  • Handle gaps in your resume, age concerns and potential job market hurdles & barriers to hire

You will gain:

  • The fundamental skills to succeed in securing the job you want that is in alignment with the TRUE you
  • Awareness of your personal brand, an understanding of yourself, what makes you marketable
  • An understanding of how to work with recruiters, job banks, online, and search firms
  • Stellar interviewing skills that will work with any company & know the right answers to every question
  • A step-by-step action plan to ensure career transition success
  • A powerful Resume, CV and Bio that your can use currently and in the future

How to begin & pricing:

Email Nicole Heinrich at with the subject line I need a Career Coach, and we will arrange a phone call to review your objectives and determine the right program for your specific needs.


Resume Help

“I landed an amazing job just 17 days after Nicole created a Killer Resume for me. I was amazed at how she was able to easily synthesize 20 years of work experience and translate the information into a resume in a way that attracted lots of recruiters and led to the job I always wanted but thought I couldn’t get!”

Janet Jankowski, Chicago, IL. – Sales Trainer

Another very important part of Career Coaching is Resume Help. You are selling a very important product – YOU! Since you will be marketing yourself to potential employers, you can view the resume as your “sales brochure.” A good sales brochure will always describe both the features and benefits of the product. Therefore your resume should describe your features (your strengths, expertise, experience, education and accomplishments) and your benefits (the results you have produced for past employers.) Since resumes are typically skimmed in 25-35 seconds, it is imperative that your features and benefits are presented in a way that captures the reader’s attention quickly. Nicole will write the professional resume you need to attract the job you want.

How it works:

Nicole will start with a one hour discovery session that will uncover who you are, your strengths, career objectives and motivators. She will then translate that information into a customized Killer Resume and matching cover letter that will convey your personal brand and get you noticed by hiring managers.

Resume Components Include:

  1. Resume Preparation Guidelines – Nicole will reveal helpful preparation tips and basic guidelines to consider while creating or modifying a resume.
  2. Strategy for a Powerful Resume – Nicole will cover foundational concepts of creating a powerful “targeted” resume using keywords that will get you noticed.
  3. Resume Formats (including CV’s) – Explanation of various resume formats and when to use them.
  4. Developing the Key Sections of a Resume – Nicole will create strong sections for your resume or CV including Summary and Professional Experience.
  5. Communicating Powerful Accomplishments – Nicole will include key components necessary for writing effective accomplishments.
  6. Additional Sections of a Resume – Nicole will include header, education, technical skills, certifications, licenses, and any other optional information.
  7. Resume Logistics – Ensuring a resume is scannable and ready for various electronic systems.
  8. Resume-Related Materials – Nicole will also create or discuss matching relevant resume-related documents where applicable, including reference letters, letters of recommendation, bios, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and non-traditional resumes.

Your resume and cover letter will be completed within 48 hours from the date and time of your discovery session. You will be able to revise the resume with Nicole up to five times. To make this service affordable for everyone, the cost is a simple one-time all-inclusive flat fee of $200.

How to begin & pricing:

Email Nicole Heinrich at with the subject line I need a Resume, and we will arrange a one-hour discovery session and get started.