Who Benefits?

Whether in job transition, starting new projects, new companies, trying to improve your existing role,
or pursuing better health, we will help you achieve your goals and lead a better life.

Benefits for Executives and Entrepreneurs:

  • For CEOs and Executives, and others who wish to command influence, coaching will bring you the clarity and focus you have been searching for. Create a more cohesive work environment, pinpoint and replace behaviors within the workplace that may be preventing optimal performance, and identify how your business can instantly become more profitable. The list of benefits to you and your organization will be substantial.
  • Sales Directors will receive higher performance ratings, be viewed as more effective by your superiors and subordinates and will have a practical and effective plan of action to get you the results you desire and reach those goals that have been perpetually out of reach.
  • If you are an Entrepreneur or Leader or aspire to be one, coaching matters. The awareness that comes from coaching gives you a competitive advantage in building your business and attracting and retaining the very best talent. It makes people want to work with you, your team and your company. Well coached Leaders perform better, experience their work as more meaningful and inspire trust in others.
  • Owners struggling with antiquated platforms of hierarchy who wish to migrate to a new peer-to-peer-accountability paradigm would benefit greatly from hiring Nicole. Results include an optimal working environment that is fun, exciting and a place where people want to work; and elimination of layers of management that prevent growth
  • Coaching is what enables a successful Salesperson to sell 5 times more than his colleagues in the same region. It’s the difference between Entrepreneurs who have investors beating down their door and those who have to beg the bank for a loan.
  • Employees and those who lead them will enjoy better health, a higher level of fitness and the built in accountability that comes with everyone following a corporate health & wellness program that works.

Benefits for Individuals:

  • The Stay-at-Home Mom re-entering the workforce after a long hiatus will have a resume that accounts for gaps, highlights strengths and appeals to hiring managers so she can join the workforce, earn an income, have work/life balance, eliminate monetary or career concerns, and establish a new direction in life.
  • College Students will understand what direction their life should take, what career is best aligned with their natural talents, how to prepare a killer resume, what to say on their first interview, and gain confidence to run for leadership roles in student organizations.
  • Individuals in Career Transition will receive the tools to secure work that makes them happier, gain clarity personally and professionally, eliminate the stress and confusion of suddenly being laid off from a job, earn more money, and pursue a solid career path.
  • Lawyers, Physicians, Accountants, Pharmaceutical Reps (Professionals of all backgrounds) will have a resume tailored to their unique industry, secure partnerships and work that is in alignment with their career objectives, experience greater work satisfaction, and receive help navigating the competitive job market.
  • People over 50 will be equipped with an “Ageless” resume, you will re-evaluate your appearance, understand how to network effectively, receive coaching on Interviews and how to handle the “Overqualified” issue.  Age is a matter of attitude. With the right attitude age is not a deterrent from getting hired.
  • Everyone who is currently concerned about their physical health and is ready for a total physical transformation will receive a specific plan of action that addresses exactly how to transform your body via one-on-one personal or group training sessions, coaching and nutritional consulting.
  • People struggling in relationships will gain clarity on the dynamics of their relationship (no matter how complex), identify your patterns of behavior and how that plays a role in the dynamic, and understand what specific actions to take to create a more harmonious life for yourself and others.