Meet Nicole

Nicole wants you to have a personal and professional life you are passionate about.
She is a speaker and consultant to the leadership of Fortune 500 companies,
individuals across the country, nonprofit organizations and numerous start-up companies.

nicoleNicole Heinrich is an expert in the fields of career coaching & alignment, business guidance, health & wellness, and motivation. Founder of the Career Alignment Coaching Program™, she is a firm believer in teaching the principles of transformation that changed her own life for the better, Nicole helps people get the work, business and life they want – one that is in alignment with their true talents, abilities, values, interests and financial objectives.

With a background in Behavioral Science, Business Psychology and over 15 years of consulting  and coaching experience, Nicole understands that we have a tendency to get stuck in routines, obligations, and habits that weigh us down rather than inspire us, resulting in mediocre performance, poor health, inauthentic lives and general lack of motivation. Alignment is the key to breakthroughs for business success, career change, peak performance, and a happier life. Nicole relies on science rather than theory when it comes to helping her clients access inspiration, innovation and motivation. Specific action steps will unlock your potential, improve your health, clarify your purpose, and make your career and business ideal.

Nicole has built and managed successful companies in Tokyo, France and Chicago. Nicole practices what she preaches. Her background in multiple disciplines and strong entrepreneurial credentials has provided her with the ability to help her clients dramatically increase focus, power and confidence; gain clarity of their objectives, and create a focused plan of action to bring about the results they desire.

Unlike many traditional programs which may offer recycled general success principles in exchange for more money, Nicole has a direct, concrete, tried and true approach. She is known for offering spot on advice to her clients and podcast listeners. She brings her personal expertise to the table and delivers. She guides her clients on a path of discovery leading to profitability, optimal health and work environments, and learning how to replace fear, hesitation, frustration, and self-doubt with action, excitement and success.