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We provide the Key, through our programs and processes, to creating better leaders,
better work environments, and better career advancement and fulfillment

relationship management

Some people just get along well with others, respond carefully even in the face of challenges, and truly connect with people.  They are proactive, calm, balanced, operate with integrity, and have great insight into themselves and others. All these come from a set of skills called Emotional Intelligence, or EQ. High EQ = more productivity, loyalty, lower turnover and higher profits.

resume help

Interested in creating a killer resume that will get you noticed by the right people? Re-entering the workforce and not sure how to account for gaps in your resume? Do you find your existing resume hasn’t been updated in years and doesn’t accurately represent your strengths? Not sure how to market yourself to potential employers? Need a professionally written CV, LinkedIn Profile or Corporate Bio?

startup companion

Are you concerned about the viability of our economy or worry about the stability and security of your present job? Do you dream of simpler life that never materializes? Finding it impossible to change direction? Would you like to quit the 9 to 5, find a better way of earning a living and have peace of mind that you can provide for yourself and your family?